Bangladesh Elections by Eivind H Natvig

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Covered woman, Hazaribag, Dhaka, Bangladesh..On the outskirts of Dhaka city, a woman is walking on the embankement road. In the past years there has been an increase in fundamentalism in Bangladesh...Bangladesh has finished with two years of emergency rule. The election results is compared to the landslide of 1970 that led to war and independence from Pakistan. .When preparations for the election started in late 2006, violent street-protests started, and led to a military backed interim government until the election happened under heavy security and watchful eyes on December 29th 2008...The past two years have seen a decrease of crime and corruption but also sparked violent student protests and curfews. Today  most people seem to be happy to return to some sort of normality. But in one of the poorest countries in the world where 80% live for less than a dollar a day, does it really matter who is in power? The circus is over, back to reality and putting food on the table...A blogger  from dhaka is quoted Ó we prefer messy democracy to military ruleÓ...Is this the end of night, a new dawn or yet another dusk?..Photo by: Eivind H. Natvig/MOMENT *** Local Caption ***