Climate Change in Bangladesh by Eivind Natvig

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A cow by a canal in Chaar Fassion.?This area in the south of Bangladesh has been called ground zero of climate-change due to heavy river and ocean erosion. The lowlying area is also hugely affected by cyclones and rising sea-levels...By the Mouth of Ganges, at the Bay of Bengal is the Island of Bhola. This home of about two million people is considered to be ground zero of climate change. Half the island has disappeared in the past 40 years, and according to scientists the pace is not going to slow down. People pack up and leave as the water get closer. Some to a nearby embankment, while those with enough money move further inland, but for most life move on until the inevitable. It's always about survival for the people in one of the worlds poorest countries...Photo by: Eivind H. Natvig/MOMENT