In Cod we trust by Eivind H. Natvig

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Vestfjorden, Nordland, Norway, 23.03.12..Geir L. Olsen - team leader...The vessel Anne Marie with skipper Steinar Henriksen and (blue cap) brought out Team Olsen at the Arctic Cod fishing world championship. On the first day three man Team Olsen caught 1205 kilos of cod using nothing but fishing poles in the five hours of fishing time. The team; Geir L. Olsen (glasses), Magne Øvregård (white hat/red rainclothes) and Peder E. Vik (dark hair) won first prize this Friday in Lofoten Cup (Peder 1st, Magne 2nd and Geir 3rd)...Photo by: Eivind H. Natvig/MOMENT