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Istok Jeza is a truckdriver. He lives in Slovenia in a town called Pagersko together with his wife Vlaska and their two sons, Benjamin and Vojklo. This is his home for two nights each week. .The rest of the time is he spending in his white MAN-truck, along the European highways, carrying goods from East to West..The cabin is his bedroom, living room and workplace. He connect with his friends through the crunchy two ways radio. Sometimes they meet on the trailer parks to eat breakfast or dinner together..In Pagersko, the youngest child, Benjamin, dreams of living the life his father Istok has. .Love is central in the Jeza family. If it's despite, or thanks to, the trucker life, has to be unsaid. ..To be a truckdriver in Europe you need to enjoy your own company. For many days in a row, you are on the road by yourself and the only connection with friends and family are on the telephone or on a two ways radio. .You are travelling from East to West Europe, passing long distances at the highways with tons of different cargos every day. Some truckdrivers live on the road, having their entire life inside the truckcabin. But there are also those, which have a family waiting for them, somewhere in Europe, longing and wanting them to come home at the end of the week..The Tachograf regulate the working hours, so that the drivers aren´t a danger for them self or to other fellow road-users. It can easily become a lot of driving hours since the drivers doesn´t get payed when the truck are parked. In some of the countries, your aren´t allowed to drive a truck during the weekend. Because of that, many of the drivers get stranded, and won´t be able to come home to their families and home countries...This picture: Istok Jeza in his MAN truck in the morning somewhere in Austria.