Turkana draught by Asa Sjostrom

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Kerio in Turkana, Isniyen is collecting drinkingwater from a small hole in the dry riverbank...Five million Kenyans are affected by the famine and draught. Kenya is the forgotten country on the horn of Africa..Southern Kenya is famous for a massive tourist industry with  green landscape, snowy mountains, rich wildlife and crystal sandy beaches. The northern part is the opposite. The north is hardly hit by the draught and the villages are isolated with no roads connected to the bigger towns. The Turkana region is inhabited by pastoralists and the people suffer to survive in the dry and harsh landscape..The resources of nature is a cause of the ongoing conflict between the Turkana tribe and the Ethiopian Dassenech tribe. The tribes are fighting over pasture and fishingwater. Murder and thefts of cattle and fishing tools are frequent. The people of Turkana have no refugee camps to go to and there are a few NGO:s working in the unforgiven area. The tribes are malnourished, affected by  other disorders and under threats of  the ongoing conflict with the Dassenech tribe.  ..©photo: Åsa Sjöström/Moment/Sydsvenskan.asa@momentagency.com.phone: +46 703780520