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.Mattias Fransson and his architect friend Frederic Eklöf. Mattias Fransson was a host of a children's programme on television based in Stockholm, when he decided to resign and move back to Västerbotten to create what became the very popular humor collective Klungan, that has produced shows for national radio as well as crowded touring theater shows. He bought a house in Gravmark after persuasion from his friend Johanna Hallin who already lived there. It became his giant playground. A place for hobby and leisure - birdwatching, a tree house in the pine forest and radio controlled cars and planes. He and Frederic Eklöf decided to build a modern tree house in the pine forest. To place a bit of the city in the forest. ..090811 - Mattias Fransson (Klungan, Mammas nya kille) bor delvis i Gravmark, delvis i Umeå. Under sommaren har han besök av kompisen Frederic Eklöf som läser till arkitekt. Tillsammans bygger de ett stort trädhus på Mattias tomt.